Beth M.

"I had good initial success on my nutrition plan but I eventually hit a plateau. After using The Body Lab services in combination with their essential oils I was losing 3-5 lbs. a week! The Body Lab gave me the tools I need to keep track of my own macro-nutrient requirements so I can sustain my weight loss and increase my overall energy and performance. I'm an entirely different person now. Moving is easier, my inflammation levels are better, and I have more energy!"


“Live happier and healthier then you think is possible.  At 43, I am in the best shape of my life and can't remember ever feeling better!”
My name is David Rojas and I'm 43 years old.  I've been working out for about 23 years about 4-6 times per week, religiously.  At 5'-10", I've been able to maintain a bodyweight of around 175 lb, at about 16% body fat.  Even though I've stayed consistent with my workouts and diet (for the most part), my body weight and body fat has crept up over the last 3 years to 185 lb, 19% body fat.  It was a struggle to get my weight and body fat percentage down. I chalked this up to age and was ready to live with what I was. Then I was introduced to David Alleva and the Body Lab and it changed my life!
As a gym owner, I pay close attention to nutrition and the latest fitness discussions and studies.  I was VERY skeptical at first but after I sat down and talked to David he showed me how to balance my macro-nutrients properly, understand my metabolism, and recognize the importance of having Essential Fatty Acids in my diet which are found in the Liquid Gold Nutritional Oil.

I can proudly say that after 3 months of working with The Body Lab using their coaching program and oil I now weigh 167 lbs. and have an all time low body fat percentage of 9%! I truly did not think this was possible at my age. Not only did David change my life, he also changed my wife's life who lost 40 lbs. of fat in the same time period as me.

David Alleva is a tremendously knowledgeable individual. His background has guided him down a road that is undeniable when it comes to achieving and maximizing your body’s fat loss and metabolism. I not only highly recommend David Alleva and the Body Lab, I encourage anyone and everyone to take the time to learn about their approach and make the most beneficial change in your life. Live happier and healthier then you think is possible.  At 43, I am in the best shape of my life and can't remember ever feeling better!
Thanks David!


"I am a client of David and I want to scream from the rooftops about his product. I started with a 116 lb weight loss goal in March 2013. I was somewhat of a yo-yo dieter for years and my biggest weight loss achievement through the years was 167 lbs. I was very concerned that I was not going to be able to lose that much weight again because I had gone to a physician that told me once you produce all of these fat cells, you’re body won’t allow you to lose the weight again. After that I was feeling discouraged and unhappy. 
Thankfully a friend turned me on to the Isagenix weight loss program. I lost 90lbs on Isagenix and then my weight loss stopped dead. My goal was to make it to the Isagenix 100 lb club. Since I had been dieting for such a long time my body adjusted and I just didn’t lose weight anymore. I stick to the program like crazy so it wasn’t from lack of trying that I wasn’t loosing the weight. I started working with David using Liquid Gold and Boost. I am very fortunate to have found David at the Body Lab where I can assess my metabolism, he tests my results, and works with me hand and hand. He has taken in the last 5 weeks my metabolic rate from 46%, his goal was to take me up to 70%, and he actually got me to 83%! I am now at 104 lb released. I am so happy and have a lot more energy. The key reason why I was able to do that was because of David and the Liquid Gold oil."


I have played Football my whole life, from pop warner to the professional level. One of my biggest obstacles was to put on lean muscle. The positions I play are WR & RB. Having a strong frame is key to your success and will help prevent injuries. After working with David at The Body Lab he introduced me to the Liquid Gold his essential oil and along with his in studio VO2 training I was able to gain 12 pounds of lean muscle in 16 weeks! Not only did I gain lean muscle, but I increased my speed, quickness, and endurance. I noticed with daily use of the oil in my diet I was able to maintain my results and keep up the energy needed for me to perform on an athletic level. Thanks to David and The Body Lab, I was able to reach my goal and compete on the professional level!
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