These unique blends were designed to provide essential fatty acids that must be obtained from our diet for us to live, function, and thrive. The use of these oils will support and effectively nourish while caring for your body’s overall health.  It will also support a healthy metabolism and encourage the body to burn more fat while increasing your energy levels. Additional benefits include: improved bone density, improved skin health and elasticity, a reduction in internal inflammation, cell growth & strengthening of the cell membranes, and more!


Liquid Gold is....


“Aruguably, One of the most powerful foods on the planet.”


For specific instructions on taking our Body Lab Nutritional Oil Blends, check out our “Instructions for Nutritional Oils” page, here.


Supplies your body with all the essential fatty acids that must be obtained in a diet. Liquid Gold has been formulated to support healthy fat metabolism and energy!


Boost Metabolic Support Oil has been formulated for our Metabolic Reset on fasting or nutritional cleanse days!



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