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  • Our Boost Oil is designed to work synergistically with our nutritional program to modify regular cleanse days to activate a powerful fat burning state.

  • Our Body Lab Coaches are trained to monitor and guide you through using this oil so please contact your Coach for specific details on the best way to implement this oil into your regiment.

The Basic Boost Mix recipe


                    12 oz. of water

                    1 scoop of Isapro Whey Protein (either chocolate or vanilla)

                    3 Tablespoons of BOOST oil  (can use Liquid Gold if you do not have Boost)

                    1 scoop of EITHER IsaGreens; IsaFruits or Ionix Supreme (or 1 oz. Liquid)


Divide this Boost Mix evenly into three containers and keep refrigerated or measure

approximately 5oz of Boost Mix each time.

Sample Schedule


(Hours can be adjusted depending on what time you rise in the morning.)



8:00                1/3 Boost Mix

10:00              2 oz. Cleanse for Life

12:00              1/3 Boost Mix

2:00                2 oz. Cleanse for Life

3:00                IsaDelight (or IsaSnacks)

5:00                1/3 Boost Mix

7:00                2 oz. Cleanse for Life

8:00                IsaDelight (or IsaSnacks)


We recommend starting with one Boost day.  You can repeat this exact same schedule for two days with the guidance of your Body Lab coach.


 THE DAY AFTER completing this regiment (or your first shake day after Boosting),

  1. We recommend reducing your caloric intake for the day as your coach advises.

  2. Use the BOOST oil for the first day in your shakes and then switch back to the Liquid Gold.

  3. We also suggest keeping your carb intake as low as possible on the first day, between 40-60g.   Again, a coach will personalize this procedure for you to achieve the best results without the guesswork.


Sign up for one of our coaching packages by clicking on the “Services” tab of our menu at or visit

You may also email with any questions.

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