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Hi my name is David Alleva, MLT.

I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist who worked in the Lab on Human Blood Chemistry and Metabolism. Our Mission here at The Body Lab, is to help educate and coach people to increase their metabolism, lose the fat, feel great and successfully achieve their an ideal body weight and composition! All this while helping to nourish your body in a way that we can test and confirm in a convenient and affordable way!

With our skills and compassion, we strive to bring you outstanding service, unrelenting dedication and the most effective products this world has yet to see! Our aim is to improve your quality of life so you can share what you learned and experienced with others! :)

In-studio testing

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We test metabolic rates, both resting and while exercising, to develop an individualized plan based on your goals. We assess your body's ability to stimulate fat burning where your body uses fat for fuel instead of carbs. Ultimately serving the function of every cell in your body.

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Add weight and food entries throughout the day staying within defined goal ranges.



Schedula a free consultation to go over goals, our progam and pick a coaching package.



get on weekly calls where we teach you how to train your body to burn fat, improve metabolism and go over progress,



Work with our coaches to make adjustments to your food intakes for optimal results.



Let us guide and assist you to stay the course to achieve your fitness goals!


Tried different programs only to gain the weight back. What I like about their program is that it focus Metabolism and I don't have eat special foods I always had trouble controlling my appetite and David helped by showing how to eat so I was able to manage my appetite and not feel hungry all the time! I'm feeling great, have more energy, best I felt in years!!

Dave R.

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“I saw my 40-odd-year old body get thicker and thicker and when I was unable to button my skinny pants, I got MAD! My metabolism was screaming “HELP”! That's when I came across a metabolism expert and his carefully crafted essential fatty acid supplements, that I used *in conjunction* with my already stellar nutritional system”


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“A friend of mine told me about David and his metabolism-boosting nutritional oil, Liquid Gold. I started working with David and he has been the greatest help in my weight loss journey. I was ASTOUNDED at how he was able to get my metabolism going again! I have reached my goal and I have lost 27 pounds in the process.”


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OUR latest blog

How Niacin, NR, NMN & NAD Increases Energy, Performance & Extends Longevity! Ep. 4

Hi, my name is David Alleva, MLT. Welcome to our Blog! I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist who works in the Lab on Human Blood Chemistry and Metabolism. In this video, we will cover NAD, NMN, NR, and Niacin. The history of Niacin and how it has been proven to raise NAD, boost Athletic performance, and extend Longevity!

Vitamin D, The Most Essential Vitamin for Your Immune System and Overall Health!!

Many of are aware we need nutrients in our diet to live and maintain our bodies, what's now become more apparent than ever is the need to get the right amounts! Just like a doctor prescribes a specific amount of a drug to get to therapeutic level for it to work. We need to think that way towards the nutrients we consume!

Omega 3 DHA The Most Beneficial Nutrient of All!

On the Journey to Discovering what the best diet for Humans and ourselves looks like, we at least know that the foods we eat, must contain the Nutrients our bodies need to Fuel, Grow, Repair and Maintain itself. Nutrients such as Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and so on . And they all are important and must be replenished regularly.

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We integrate modern technology to generate better results. We track daily movements and heart rate based routines then train your body to raise your threshold to higher levels of performance.

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